Potsdam Fibromyalgia Support Group

Potsdam Facilitator: Leslie Russek, PT, DPT, PhD, OCS
Associate Professor, Clarkson University Physical Therapy Department and
Physical Therapist, Canton-Potsdam Hospital


The Potsdam Fibromyalgia Support Group will meet  noon-1 pm on Tuesday, April 5th.  We have a guest speaker, Dr. Jay DeLisle, PharmD, who will talk about "Medications and medication interactions in fibromyalgia. Everyone is welcome to attend. We meet on the 2nd floor of Clarkson Hall at 59 Main St., Potsdam.


Joint the Potsdam Fibromyalgia Support Group on Facebook!

·      We now have a private Facebook group just for our support group members. The Facebook page will include old newsletters and documents currently posted here. This will provide a forum for people who were unable to attend a meeting to discuss the topic, and for discussions to continue past the meeting. Contact Kris at kris.a.lisdesigns37@gmail.com to join. We hope this will become a place for our group members to share success stories, ask one another questions, and to make friends among other people in the North Country dealing with FM. Because the group is by invitation only, what you share will be kept within the group – no-one outside the group can see. Check it out!


Useful links and resources:

Employees with Fibromyalgia   This resource is from The Job Accommodation Network (JAN), supported by the US Dept of Labor, Office of Disability Employment Policy. This document has useful suggestions for making accommodations in the workplace.


Talking With Your Doctor:  This brochure from the National Institute on Aging is intended for older adults because they tend to have more medical concerns and tend to take more medications – making it an excellent resource for people with FM.


Disclaimer about Newsletter contents: The purpose of this site is not to diagnose or cure any disease or malady. Information is offered to improve understanding of fibromyalgia. This information cannot take the place of professional medical advice. Any attempt to diagnose and treat an illness should come under the direction of a physician. No guarantees are made regarding any of the information presented in this website.


·      April, 2016: Fibromyalgia medications

·      March, 2016: Types of pain and different methods for managing pain

·      February, 2016: Managing anxiety.

·      January, 2016: The benefits of Gratitude.

·      December, 2015: The Spoon Theory of fatigue.

·      November, 2015: The shame associated with chronic pain and what to do about it.

·      October, 2015: Tapping for relaxation.

·      September, 2015: Aromatherapy

·      August, 2015: Sleep and FM

·      July, 2015: Irritable bowel and FM, the FODMAP diet

·      April, 2015: What Leslie learned and did while on sabbatical in Australia, and the “Protectometer

Support Group meeting times:
Potsdam Summer Hours: 6:30-7:30 pm on the 4th Thursday of every month (except for holiday weeks)
    Location - Clarkson Hall at 59 Main St., Potsdam, NY. Follow the signs to the meeting room.
    For information about the Potsdam Fibromyalgia Support Group, contact the Canton-Potsdam Hospital Physical Therapy Dept. at 261-5460.
Massena:  For information about the Massena Fibromyalgia Support Group, contact Massena Memorial Hospital at 764-1711.


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